12000 & Counting

Its now official. Citisolar has now installed 12000 Solar Electricity Systems nationally!!! To celebrate this we have released our new 250W 'Black Panther' Solar PV Panel.

Call us now to become a Display Home of these new Solar Panels to receive considerable savings on your Solar Electricity System.

Solar Air Conditioners

Sick of electricity prices going up? Did you receive a shock when you saw your first electricity bill since the carbon tax was introduced? Solar Air Conditioners is the answer.

Solar Air Conditioners eliminate on average 40% of your electricity charges for heating and cooling. This combined with a Solar Electricity System can go a long way to eliminating your electricity bills and even putting you in credit with the Electricity Companies.

The best thing about Citisolar's Solar Air Conditioners is that they wont break your budget compared to normal Air Conditioning Systems.


Thank you for the very neat and timely installation of my solar system. I have no hesitation in recommending your company.

Ingrid Millbourn