16000 & Counting

Its now official. Citisolar has now installed 16000 Solar Electricity Systems nationally!!! To celebrate this we have released our new 250W 'Black Panther' Solar PV Panel.

Call us now to become a Display Home of these new Solar Panels to receive considerable savings on your Solar Electricity System.

Solar Heat Pumps

Most people are aware of three ways to generate domestic hot water – electric, gas and solar. But there is a fourth, which combines the eco credentials of solar, with the reliability of gas and electric systems – the Quantum solar heat pump system.

One of the most efficient hot water systems available, unlike a solar panel system, a Quantum solar heat pump works so efficiently day and night. Instead, it makes use of the ambient temperature – that of the air around it – to heat the water. What’s more, it’s so efficient that it can provide reliable hot water 24 hours a day, even in temperatures as low as -10ºC.

Replacing an inefficient hot water unit is one of the most significant low cost, carbon-reducing opportunities available to the consumer today. Which means that by installing one of our systems, you’ll use far less non-renewable energy, and dramatically reduce your household’s footprint.


Thank you for the very neat and timely installation of my solar system. I have no hesitation in recommending your company.

Ingrid Millbourn